I have been researching my family tree since my paternal grandfather died in 1976. Whilst researching my mother's ancestry I started recording every instance of her maternal grandmother's name FARMERY and so my one-name study was born! I now record every instance of the name I find all over the world, and my database currently contains over 51,600 name events. I am constructing family trees for each family group and try to put distant cousins in touch!

My study covers the FARMERY surname and known variants such as FARMEARY, FARMEREY, FARMARY and FARMERIE, as well as instances of the name being used as a forename rather than surname.

Thursday, 18 December 2008

DNA match for Farmery of Binbrook and of North Ormsby!

The full DNA signature for Farmery of North Ormsby has now been received and is a perfect match to Farmery of Binbrook (and Walesby?) on 35 out of 37 markers; on both markers 385b and CDYa there is a difference of only +/- 1 indicating a 99% likelihood of a common ancestor.

It is not yet known which of the two signatures is the "modal" and which has the (natural occurring) genetic mutations. By studying which gene has mutated (different genes mutate and different rates) it should be possible to estimate how far (ie how many generations) back the common ancestor was.

The result for Farmery of Vancouver/Grimsby/Searby (and Walesby?) [for my 3rd cousin] is now very eagerly awaited to see which of these two signatures (as we very much hope and expect it will) it matches?

Tuesday, 9 December 2008


I have got with it and am listed on Facebook! I am "friends" with quite a number of Farmery research contacts and have even started a "Farmery Families" group. There are 200 people on Facebook called Farmery, 4 called Farmerey and 3 called Farmeary. There is also a group "Farmery's have the best surname".

If you want to "be my friend" just search for me as Alan R Moorhouse or the Farmery Families group.