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My study covers the FARMERY surname and known variants such as FARMEARY, FARMEREY, FARMARY and FARMERIE, as well as instances of the name being used as a forename rather than surname.

Tuesday, 20 April 2010

Passengers and Manure!

I have had a further email from Pauline Wheeler who discovered that the Barclay sank in 1886 at Dundrum, county Down.

Irish Wrecks Online details that the 90 ton Goole registered schooner Barclay was wrecked on Smith's Rock bound from London to Ayr carrying passengers and manure. There are no details of the passengers, captain or crew.

The wreck was reported in Down Recorder March 6th 1886:

27 Feb 1886; Barclay of Goole; a schooner of 90 tons; London to Ayr with manure,; in SE f7gale; stranded near Smith's Rock, Dundrum Bay; crew and two passengers saved; O/N No 44562; built 1863 at Montrose.

Friday, 2 April 2010

Shipping Intelligence

"Jane Knox" Reuben Chappell
Reuben Chappell often painted ships in "pairs", with a "fair-weather" version - showing a vessel underway in a calm sea under sunny skies, and a "foul-weather" portrait with the vessel gamely battling through high winds and stormy seas. This is a "foul-weather" portrait of the Jane Knox of Goole, painted for her Master, Captain W Farmer (sic).

Pauline Wheeler of Grantham found this postcard, with the above text on the reverse, at Goole Museum. The name of the Master was actually W Farmery! The original painting (lot 247) sold for £552 at Bonhams in 2008.

Further details of the fairweather portrait can be found on the

Pauline is a descendant of the Farmery family of Fishlake and Thorne who had many associations with the sea. Her gt grandmother Mary Ann (wife of Walter Charles LEIGHTON) was the daughter of William and Hannah (CRUST) FARMERY.

William FARMERY bp 1766 Fishlake d 1821 Thorne Quay married Hannah SAVAGE in 1790 at Thorne. Their 7th child William FARMERY bp 1804 Thorne died 1865 Doyle Street, Goole married Ann (Hannah) CORBRIDGE or COLBRIDGE in 1824 at Thorne. Their 4th child William FARMERY bp 1832 Thorne d 1912 Goole married Hannah CRUST in 1854 at Althorpe, Lincolnshire. Their 1st child John William or William John FARMERY b Keadby bp 1865 Amcotts married Elizabeth LE COMPTE in 1883 at Newcastle upon Tyne.

Christie's Register of Shipping and Maritime Compendium dated July 1st 1858 lists three ships registered at the Port of Goole with the registered owner William FARMERY (or FARMORY) of Goole:
- "Sheaf" sloop built Thorne 1840
- "Eliza" sloop built Aggbrigg 1847
- "William and Hannah" sloop built Gainsbro' 1858

The Register of Shipping lists the brig "Apollo" at Dublin in 1799 and 1804 with master FORMERY. Could this be the William FARMERY who married Hannah SAVAGE?

"Shipping Intelligence" was often printed regularly in local papers and there are a number of ships with the Master listed as "FARMERY":

- "Mary" sailed between Lowestoft and London in 1843 and 1850.
- "Robert" a coaster sailed between Goole and London in 1846, 1849, 1850 and 1851.
- "Sheaf" put into Lowestoft windbound in 1852; it arrived at Hull from Antwerp in 1852 and at London from Antwerp in 1858.
- "William and Hannah" a ketch of Gainsborough arrived at London from Caen in 1859 and at Stockton from Middlesbrough in 1870. It was at anchor in Bridlington Bay in 1870 en route from Ipswich to Dundee and in March 1871, enroute from Gainsborough to Southampton, put into Harwich due to heavy gales. Later at the end of November 1871, under the command of William Farmery enroute from Southampton to Dundee loaded with bark, it broke up on Bondicar Rocks in a gale.
- "Royal Standard" a collier arrived at Gravesend in 1870.
- "Veracity" arrived at Goole from London in 1878 carrying wheat.
- "Barclay" is listed 7 times between 1870 and 1894 sailing between ports including Stockton, Middlesbrough, Hull, London, Southampton, Hartlepool and Granton. In 1880 it arrived from Dunkirk, in 1882 it was at Hartlepool with a cargo of 150 tons of coal, again in 1882 it carried china clay from Pentween to Leith, and in 1884 it carried coal to Cherbourg.
- "Hero" left Dysart for Otterham in 1896 carrying coal.
- "Jane Knox" left Dysart for London in 1898 carrying coal, left Goole for Sunderland in 1900 and arrived in Goole from London in 1900.

Being mariners the men are often away from home on census night and not enumerated unless their ship is moored in a home port.

In 1861 the sloop "William and Hannah" was coasting off Scarborough, master William FARMERY with his wife and 3 year old son on board!

In 1881 "Barclay" was moored at Kingston upon Hull; the master was William FARMERY born 1832 Thorne and the mate (his son) John William FARMERY born Keadby 1856. Also on board was William's wife Hannah and their 7 other children, ranging in age from 18 to 8 month old son Thomas!

In 1911 William FARMERY, retired mariner, and wife Hannah were at 131 Jackson Street, Goole and John William FARMERY, steamship officer, and wife Lizzie were at 9 Fifth Avenue, Goole. In 1901 Hannah FARMERY wife was head of household at 131 Jackson Street and Lizzie FARMERY wife head of household at 11 Fifth Avenue. It is not certain who the W FARMERY master of the "Jane Knox" was but it is likely that it was William FARMERY 1832 although it could have been his son John William (William John).