I have been researching my family tree since my paternal grandfather died in 1976. Whilst researching my mother's ancestry I started recording every instance of her maternal grandmother's name FARMERY and so my one-name study was born! I now record every instance of the name I find all over the world, and my database currently contains over 51,600 name events. I am constructing family trees for each family group and try to put distant cousins in touch!

My study covers the FARMERY surname and known variants such as FARMEARY, FARMEREY, FARMARY and FARMERIE, as well as instances of the name being used as a forename rather than surname.

Sunday, 22 February 2009

Farmery as a Forename

I attended a Guild of One Name Studies "Poster Seminar" in London yesterday and put on a display on instances of the name Farmery being used as a first, or subsequent, forename and the possible reasons for this - maternal ancestry, honouring ancestors, inheritance, godchild, illegitimacy, adoption? My database contains 653 name events for someone with a Farmery forename!

One of the earliest instances I have found is Farmerie son of Wm Chetam baptised 15.10.1610 at Heapham.

A significant number of people I have noted were alluding to their descent from the Farmery family of Northorpe. Margaret Farmery (bap 12.2.1656 at Northorpe) married Thomas Law of Kings Cliffe, Northamptonshire, 20.4.1681 at Scotter and they had a son Farmary (bap 29.4.1699 Kings Cliffe). A later Farmery Law (bap 22.8.1784 Stamford) married Eleanor Carrington 10.2.1803 at Kings Cliffe and their children included William Farmery Law and Farmery John Law. Farmery John Law was a banker and shareholder and director of both the Newcastle and Tipperary Banks when they went under (shades of Northern Rock!) and appears frequently in the newspaper reports of the time.

Margaret wife of Thomas Law was the great grandaughter of John Farmery (died 1598 Northorpe) and his wife Isabella, through their son Christopher Farmery. Mary Farmery, another of their great grandaughters (through Christopher's brother son John), married Francis Epworth 29.10.1684 at Northorpe; their children included Francis Epworth (who had a son Farmary Epworth bap 3.3.1724 Cadney) and Farmary Epworth (who also had a son Farmery Epworth bap 17.8.1737 Keelby). Farmery Epworth (1737) had a sister Elizabeth who married Henry Cunnington 27.2.1770 at Holbeach and they had a son Farmery Epworth Cunnington (bap 7.6.1771 Holbeach).

Farmery Epworth (1737) married Jane Cuming 23.7.1764 at Totnes; Jane's mother, before marriage, was Grace Predam. He became a Rear-Admiral and their son Farmery Predam Epworth achieved the rank of Post Captain. In his will dated 17.11.1824 Farmery Predam Epworth named his "son or reputed son" Frederick Epworth; Frederick Morey Epworth was born sometime between 1805 and 1812 on "the Bay of Biscay". He may have been the son of Agnes Morrell who married Farmery Predam Epworth 1.2.1824 at St Pancras. Frederick Morey Epworth married Mary Ann Mackentear 1836 at Westminster and they had sons Bruch Christopher Pridam Epworth (father of Christopher Bruch Pridam Epworth) and Frederick Farmery Mackenteer Epworth.

Jane, wife of Farmery Epworth, had a sister Elizabeth Cuming who married Alexander Popham Luscombe 14.2.1772 Totnes; one of their grandchildren was Farmery Pridham Epworth Luscombe born 1809 Guernsey.

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