I have been researching my family tree since my paternal grandfather died in 1976. Whilst researching my mother's ancestry I started recording every instance of her maternal grandmother's name FARMERY and so my one-name study was born! I now record every instance of the name I find all over the world, and my database currently contains over 51,600 name events. I am constructing family trees for each family group and try to put distant cousins in touch!

My study covers the FARMERY surname and known variants such as FARMEARY, FARMEREY, FARMARY and FARMERIE, as well as instances of the name being used as a forename rather than surname.

Tuesday, 27 January 2009

First 100% 37 Marker DNA Match! Is this Farmery of Northorpe?

The test results for Farmery of Vancouver/Grimsby have now been received and are, as expected, a perfect match for Farmery of Binbrook!

The tree of the Vancouver/Grimsby family includes my 6 x gt grandfather Robert Farmery, warrener, buried at Walesby 16.11.1782 and his widow Ann, of Risby warren house, buried there 13.6.1785. It is thought that Robert and Ann had a son William baptised at Manton 27.5.1744 and he was buried in Walesby 9.10.1750. Elizabeth Farmery buried at Walesby 16.11.1765 age 16 (so born ~1749) is likely to be their daughter. This would suggest that Robert and Ann moved to Walesby between 1749 and 1750. It is possible that Robert is a descendant of the Farmery family of Northorpe, if so we now have the DNA signature for this well documented group!

The head of the Binbrook family was Robert Farmery who was, according to the 1851 and 1861 census, born 1787 Walesby. Although no baptism has been found it is thought that Robert was the son of John Farmery baptised at Walesby 2.2.1751 son of Robert Farmery and "Mary". As this is the only Farmery family in Walesby and they had only recently arrived in the village it is possible that John's mother was in fact Ann not Mary and this was an error of recording by the parish clerk.

John Farmery 1751 had a son John baptised Walesby 23.11.1777 - is this John the father of the illegitimate John Farmery Danby at the head of the North Ormsby family? The DNA signature for North Ormsby matches Binbrook and now Vancouver/Grimsby on 35 out of 37 markers, suggesting that Binbrook and Vancouver/Grimsby are the modal signature.

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